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Terms & Conditions

All the important information you need to know about our Desirable Inclusions, Upgrades packages, and Promotions.

Desirable TERMS +


^ Refer to New Living Homes & New Edge Homes current price list for eligible homes. Not available with any other offer. Offer is subject to site conditions where there is a Balanced cut and fill of up to 1m fall over the site (500mm cut and 500mm fill to achieve a level building platform and no allowance has been made for any rock excavation. New Living Homes & New Edge Homes is unable to guarantee that the design will be eligible for a CDC. If not eligible for CDC, then additional cost and time may need to be applied to pursue the Development Application process. Where an item is required to be upgraded or substituted due to site-specific requirements of an Authority, including but not limited to compliance with matters such as marine environment, bushfire BAL rating, and/or acoustic requirements extra charges may apply.

Free site inspections are subject to sales approval and excludes acreage, duplex, AHD and some CDC sites. Limited to one per customer.

Services are applicable for both the main residence and granny flat in Dual Living series homes.

All floor plans can be mirror reversed. These inclusions are only available as part of a building contract with New Living Homes & New Edge Homes. Any item not listed within the inclusions will incur additional costs. Any items omitted by a customer from the inclusions will not be refunded, credited, or substituted. New Living Homes & New Edge Homes reserve the right to amend or substitute items and/or suppliers without notice. Any item that appears in more than one set of inclusions, only one of these items will be supplied and no credits will be available.

Photography is for illustrative purposes only and may depict upgraded options and colours not from the Desirable range^. New Living Homes & New Edge Homes reserves the right to revise plans, specifications and pricing without notice.

If you make any changes to our floor plans, some items may need to be removed or replaced if they do not suit the requirements for the space.

Site Costs are not included and are subject to Site Inspection and Local Council Requirements. Site costs exclude (where required) Drop Edge Beams, Garage Step Down, Import of Fill or Export of Spoil, additional Contours, Site and Unit Reports, Bushfire Reports, RMS/Traffic Control, Hydraulic Engineering and associated supply & installation costs, and any Statutory Reports required by your 10.7 Planning Certificate or 88b. Client to apply for retail phone account & connection after handover, no allowance for connection fees are included.

^Selections to be made from the New Living Homes & New Edge Homes Desirable Inclusions colour and/or style range available from time to time. New Living Homes & New Edge Homes reserves the right to amend or substitute the item, colours and suppliers of the Desirable Range without notice.

¤ Installed using 50mm high angle at door threshold to provide floor falls to floor waste compliant to statutory requirements. All wet areas tiling cuts to be determined on site by tiler to provide regulated falls to the floor waste. No floor waste provided in laundry in accordance with National Construction Code.

We provide internal conduit for NBN provisioning (subject to availability). NBN small development application and connection fee not included for Duplex designs. Client to apply for NBN service from provider after handover.

+++ 1 mains connected tap (suitable for drinking) & 1 tap connected to rainwater tank of main residence (or each residence for Duplex). 1 garden tap to granny flat of dual living series homes.



~ The customer acknowledges that he/she will need to comply with these terms and conditions in order to receive the $40,000 credit allowance to spend on their selection of “$40,000 Your Way free upgrades”. The customer enters into a building contract and completes construction of a single or double storey dwelling with New Living Homes. Offer commences 1st September 2023 and expires 31st December 2023. The offer is only available to new clients with a Tender dated after 1st September 2023 and who place a $3000 Tender acceptance deposit and sign their presented Tender within 9 days from the presentation date. The offer comprises a $40,000 credit allowance to spend on a combination of items illustrated on “$40,000 Your Way free upgrades” list dated 1st September 2023 and expires 31st December 2023.

NOTE: The $40,000 credit allowance cannot be applied as a credit toward the cost of requested Client Options to the standard floor plan, or toward site costs, Council and Statutory Authority Requirements or the base price of the home. If more than $40,000.00 of value is selected from the “$40,000 Your Way free upgrades” the owner will be required to pay the retail amount over the $40,000.00 credit allowance limit. If all or any part of the $40,000 credit allowance offer is not used entirely toward the cost of the approved upgrades noted above, it cannot be redeemed for cash or credit toward the base price of the home.

Prices are based on standard house designs and may vary where standard house plans are amended. New Living Homes reserve the right to amend items, specifications and/or suppliers without notice. Items may not be substituted, exchanged or credited. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer including however not limited to any “Essentials” upgrades promotions. “House and Land”, or “Add Land” packages which include the “Essential” upgrades inclusions as part of the package price. If a customer elects to include the “$40,000 Your Way free upgrades” promotion the current “Essentials” upgrades will be deleted from the “House and Land”, or “Add Land” package.

The $40,000 credit allowance cannot be used towards the granny flat component of a home.

This offer is valid for tenders based on the New Living Homes Pty Ltd price lists as at 1st September 2023. New Living Homes reserve the right to revise, update or change prices without prior notice or obligation. New Living Homes reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Any images associated with this promotion, and all other collateral, print materials, website and online products are for illustrative purposes only.



# New Living Homes and New Edge Homes (together ‘New Living Homes’) reserve the right to withdraw, vary or modify this promotion at any time.

For a limited time only. The referrer must have built with or be building with New Living Homes prior to referral (i.e., after Validation has occurred an Construction has commenced). The referral must be a new customer to New Living Homes, not in the New Living Homes database, previously spoken to by New Living Homes, or received a tender from New Living Homes.

New Living Homes is not responsible or obliged to replace gift cards when the Referrer or Referral miss the spend end date on their gift card. The remaining credit on the gift card will not be reissued if the total amount of AUD$500 is not spent by the card expiration date. Gift cards will not be reissued if it has been lost/stolen. Cards MUST be picked up from your nearest New Living

Homes sales office. Recipient must sign off on the ‘Refer a Friend’ form. Please treat this card as cash. The Gift Card cannot be re-activated. Gift Card holders are responsible for the use and safety of their Gift Card at all times.


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