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We exist to help everyday Australians achieve their dream of building a quality new home and to make their building journey as easy as possible.

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We exist to help everyday Australian’s achieve the dream of building quality new home, and to make their build journey as easy as possible.

Whether it’s through House & Land packages, building on your own land, or even a knockdown rebuild*, we’re all about keeping it affordable. But we also know that most new home builders are very house proud! So, we make sure our inclusions offer that desirable look that everyone will love but won’t break the budget.

Taking away the apprehension and stress that can come with building from the ground up, we provide you peace of mind with easy-to-read floor plans, no unexpected costs, and a clear process from the start. We don’t compromise on finish, quality or standard – we have pieced together the needs of a growing family and accommodated for them in a range of home designs to suit every lifestyle.

Our homes maximise space, allow for a faster approval process and can be adapted to all block shapes and sizes with careful consideration of solar orientation.

We build as far south as Sussex Inlet, as far west as Goulburn, as far north as Tea Gardens, and of course, throughout the greater Sydney region, with a focus on new housing developments (or estates).

But most importantly, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and experience. From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way. And you can rest assured we’ll be here to finish your build, with the strength and backing of The Masterton Group, who have been building in NSW for over 60 years.

*Specific areas only, speak to a Sales Consultant for more information.

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For New Living Homes and New Edge Homes, it’s all about where affordability meets desirability. Created with a ‘back to basics’ approach, it offers affordable design options primarily for first and second homes buyers, investors, and retirees.

Established in 2011, New Living Homes is a 100% Australian owned subsidiary of The Masterton Group. Jim Masterton was determined to keep his vision of providing everyday Aussies the chance of home ownership, so he established New Living Homes, to focus on single storey designs suited to the lot sizes of new housing developments, known as greenfield sites.

While industry legend Jim Masterton is no longer with us, his vision was simple, and remains a strong part of our ethos today: streamlined designs, with little or no customization, means lower costs and faster builds. And that’s what plenty of customers need, especially when every dollar counts.

New Edge Homes was founded under the Masterton Group by Tim Masterton in 2016, after a demand for affordable two-storey designs heightened. Tim and his team saw the need to create a range of comfortable, modern housing that doesn’t break the bank – a collection of designs that provides an exciting opportunity for first home buyers, investors and growing families to get their foot in the door of the property market.

Today, New Living Homes and New Edge Homes are run by Jim Masterton’s long-time colleague and friend, Graham Keys, the General Manager.

Both companies operate at the front end under the one brand – New Living Homes. However, depending on which range you choose (New Living Single Storey or New Edge Double Storey), they will be tendered and build through their unique Builders Licences.


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