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helpful information and tips for

first home buyers

The search for your dream home could be over with one of our home designs, purpose built for living. Your first home is a milestone that we want to support you through, every step of the way.

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your family

first home

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Building your first home should be an enjoyable and exciting experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. New Living Homes have created an easy six-stage build process that is hassle-free and has you in your new home sooner. We walk with you from narrowing down the design you love, right through to handing over the keys to your brand new home, and life.

We simplify the home building experience, while offering attainable and detail-focused home designs that have been architecturally designed for functional, fun, family living. We have worked with thousands of families to connect them with the right home design for their lifestyle, while constantly ensuring we are evolving to meet the needs of thousands more. If you are tired of home designs that don’t speak to how you really live, or that will not grow as your family does, New Living is the last stop on your path to the home that’s uniquely you.

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the building process

in 6 easy steps

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01 pre deposit

This is the exciting stage! While choosing a design may initially seem overwhelming, you can relax knowing New Living Homes has curated single and double storey home designs that suit the most common lot sizes. It really helps narrow down the decision process. And with less customisation and a choice of contemporary designer-selected exterior and interior colour schemes, you'll be on your way to construction sooner. 

During this initial stage, you'll meet with your sales consultant who can help you select your dream new home design and personalise it with our selection of affordable upgrade packages. 

Once you have chosen your home design and upgrades, your sales consultant will provide a formal tender complete will transparent costs up front.  

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02 post deposit

The fun begins! 

Once you have chosen your new build home design, inclusions and upgrades, and you and your lender have accepted the new home tender agreement, a Home Building contract is prepared for you.

This is also when you get to pick the colours for your new home! 

Making the decision process easier, our specialised team of interior designers have prepared 5 contemporary internal and 5 external colour schemes for you to pick from! 

There's plenty of inspiration of these colour schemes in many of our display homes, plus you can also review the facade schemes on the home design page. You'll have the perfect pallette for you (and if applicable, your developer) in no time!  

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03 approval

Now that you have practically built your new house on paper, it all needs to be submitted to the relevant council or private certifier for approval.

This is to ensure all statutory requirements set by the council and government have been satisfied.

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04 validation

It’s almost time to begin building! Once validation is achieved, our experienced estimators will order the materials needed to build your new home and allocate your build to a Site Supervisor who will consult with you throughout the next stage. 

Your Supervisor will be your eyes and ears keeping you updated throughout the entire build making sure your home is your dream home.

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05 build

Woohoo! It’s time to build your new home!

Your site supervisor will be responsible for the building process of your new home and will keep you informed every step of the way and answer all your construction-related questions, arrange site visits and inspections with you.

Once the safety fence & site establishment is put up excavation will begin. After the land has been excavated the slab is poured and the frame and windows are put up! 

Your house is starting to look like your dream home, the roof is completed and the bricks are stacked! 

Your kitchen and vanities are also installed in this stage however your kitchen appliances are installed in the next stage for security.  

Don't forget to post your progress photos and be sure to hashtag #newlivinghomes

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06 handover

Time to move in!

New Living Homes will arrange a walk through inspection of your new house with you and your supervisor to make sure everything is in check and as promised.

Your supervisor will provide you with your handover package which contains all the essential documents you will need and most importantly your house keys!

Once this has been completed, your supervisor will arrange a time with you when your kitchen appliances can be installed.

Welcome to your new home!

All New Living Homes have a 90-day complimentary maintenance period, so if there are any issues that need attending, feel free to contact our maintenance team who will be more than happy to help!

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an easy way to start

affordable house and land packages

Our house and land packages allow you an easy, affordable, attainable way to find the house you want on the land you need, without jumping through hoops for either. You can make the life you’ve been dreaming of with affordable packages, and a range that suits the uniquely you wish list for your new home. From single storey to double storey, our house and land packages are designed to support you designing your life, today.

view house and land packages
view house and land packages

let's help you get started

Our experienced team can reach out to start a conversation around your needs. Shoot us a message today and we'll be in touch.

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let's help you get started

Our experienced team can reach out to start a conversation around your needs. Shoot us a message today and we'll be in touch.


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