Why The Exterior Of Your Property Is So Important

First impressions always create the most powerful memories. However, some first impressions are good and some we want to forget… Whether it’s going for a job interview or meeting a new social circle, you want to let all of your greatest qualities shine. The same goes for houses. Not only should the inside of your home reflect your personality, but the outside should too. All of the exterior elements of a home should be harmonious in design to the style of the inside. More importantly, it should also maximise functionality and usability to ensure that you really are getting the most out of your land and not just the house that sits on it.

There are many reasons why you should let the sunshine sink in and bask in the exterior of your home more than you probably are. If you are renovating or building new, it’s important to pay just as much attention to the outside of your home as the inside. Here are the exterior features of a home that you need to embrace.


The façade is the epitome of your property’s first impression. Picking a façade isn’t an easy choice when your options are limitless – from light and airy Hamptons-style to moody and sleek contemporary. One way to narrow down your preferences is to think of the inside of the home. What’s your colour scheme? What style of furniture do you love? Let your style influence how the exterior of the home blends into the interior. It’s important for your property to have street appeal, especially if it’s an investment. If it is an investment and a less personal choice, visit display homes and speak to the professionals about what’s most popular.


No home is complete without landscaping. Even a beautiful façade looks incomplete without some lush greenery. It truly pulls a whole look together as a final touch. The wonderful thing about landscaping is that not only does some nature and tranquillity to your home’s aura but it also allows you to add a personal flair. Love rose bushes? Plant them! Want neat and tidy shrubs? Go for it! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to landscaping as long as it has a flow and, most importantly, is maintained.


A forever home isn’t complete without a backyard. It’s where kids create their fondest memories and where families enjoy quality time. Most homeowners might be surprised to know that what’s in a backyard can also add great value to their home. Whether it’s an alfresco and BBQ area or a grass-filled area with a veggie patch and pergola – many tenants and buyers want an outdoor lifestyle that appeals to them. Not to mention, there are many great health benefits to being outside in the fresh air.

Solar Panels

Not only can your home’s exterior look beautiful but It can give back to planet Earth too! Solar panels are extremely useful in generating environmentally-friendly energy by simply sitting on your roof and soaking in the beautiful sunshine. Not only will they help the environment by reducing fossil fuels used to produce traditional energy, but they also save you money from your electricity bills! It’s a win-win. Ask New Living Homes today about the affordable Solar Panel Packages on offer.

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