What Is Zero Lot Boundary?

When looking at floor plans for new homes, you may notice that some designs refer to a “zero lot boundary” footprint. But what does that mean and is it applicable to your house or land?

Zero lot boundary refers to a structure being built up to or very near the edge of the owned land (the boundary line). Architects work on zero boundary floor plans to maximise liveable space and adapt to areas where there are high-density populations. It allows for a larger number of residents in a desirable location. For this reason, zero lot homes are becoming increasingly popular.

Homes with zero boundaries tackle the issue of land availability and allow homeowners an opportunity to build a home that is more affordable because it involves less material and therefore less cost. This is an attractive solution for investors as well, as it yields rent that is affordable to tenants. Not to mention, these modern homes have little maintenance to worry about due to minimal landscaping around the perimeter.

So how is zero boundary achieved? By drafting a footprint that encapsulates as much of the property as possible, builders make innovative changes to an otherwise traditional floor plan. Zero boundary homes typically have fewer walls and are narrow in design. In order to facilitate to Council guidelines and many new areas around New South Wales, New Living Homes already has a range of zero boundary home designs in our Metro Range.

The idea behind this range is to offer people a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise a desirable home design that is comfortable and modern. Some may perceive a zero boundary home too tight for comfort, but on the contrary, these homes are designed to maximise the use of land space for as much luxury as a traditional home. Features include fully functioning designer kitchens, bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, separate laundry rooms and even alfrescos.

If you are unsure about a lot of land and what type of home it is suitable for, speak to someone from the New Living Homes team. By checking the exact measurements and total width of your block, our experts will be able to advise you on a zero lot home that will fit your land purchase and suit your family’s needs. At New Living Homes, we also have a wide range of House & Land Packages that make choosing a zero lot home even easier. Book an appointment with us or call 1300 366 766 for more information.

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