What does your home say about you?

It’s a question many home owners find themselves asking. Given all of the personal choices that go into making a house a home, what does your home say about you?

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

A better way to understand this age old quote is that a clean house is a clean mind. It is definitely a benefit to your physical health to have a clean house as it reduces the chance of dangerous bacterial colonies forming and disease-carrying pests invading your home. Keeping your property clean also benefits your mental health, because every unfinished task will occupy a small portion of your conscious brain. Staring into a disorganised space it can be hard to organise your thoughts, but the opposite is also true and far more important. A clean home is a fun home because there are fewer distractions to stop you from getting to the tasks that you really want to enjoy.


Your  facade is the first impression you will give visitors. It communicates a lot about you and the space they are about to enter, and it gives your neighbours an insight into your personality too. A warmly coloured and easy-to-navigate property entrance is the fastest way to put your visitors at ease. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your quirks and individuality too, such as a splash of colour or a family of garden gnomes.

Open Plan Entertaining

This is all about individuality and community coming together. Shared spaces within the home are becoming increasingly popular in modern house designs because they offer increased options for shared living. Your children can do their homework within easy range of where you prepare dinner and your partner is reading a book. Having the main living areas of the home open plan is great for parties too, and can make small buildings seem large and airy from inside. They are inviting to guests because they can occupy space without being in your way, and this makes you seem like a generous and thoughtful host.

Native or Introduced Species of Plants

This is a conversation to have with your accredited and professional builder regarding how to populate your front and rear gardens. Native species are typically easier to maintain and blend well with nearby native bushland but introduced species can give you an air of sophistication.

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