Timber vs Steel Frames for Home Building

When it comes to choosing the right builder for your home, it pays to consider which type of house frame will suit you best. While steel frames are available on the Australian market, they are nowhere near as popular as timber frames.

While both timber and steel frames have their pros and cons, we believe timber is the ideal frame for all newly built homes. Here’s a comparison between the two so you can decide between steel and timber for your new home build.

Timber Is Better for the Environment and Your Wallet

Timber homes are far better for the environment because timber is a natural, renewable product. On the other hand, steel production requires massive amounts of energy. Timber is also a natural insulator, which allows your home to have great energy efficiency. This can also reduce your energy bills.

Timber is Cheaper

Timber homes are cheaper, but that’s not because they are a lesser quality than steel. Timber is simply more readily available and easier to alter to suit your home’s design.

Termite Protection

A common misconception is that steel frames will protect your home from termites. While steel frames are protected from white ants, all timber frames are fully treated with termite resistant products. Furthermore, a steel frame won’t protect your home from termites in many other areas where timber has been used.


Many people associate creaky homes with older timber frames, but steel homes can actually be quite noisy. This is because they expand and shrink according to the heat. When their joints move, it can create creaky sound. Timber homes are generally a lot quieter.

Possibility of Cracks

There’s nothing worse than finding cracks on the inside or outside of your home. While some slight settling might be normal, steel is more likely to expand over the summer months, putting pressure on different areas of the home. This may cause movement and premature cracking in the plaster and other areas.

Easier for Décor

Making your home feel homely can be as simple as some wall art or family pictures. With a timber frame, attaching wall art, installing surround sound, or adding wall cabinetry is simple. With steel frames, things can become a lot more difficult, with the right studs and other construction materials needed to ensure the right fit for the frame.

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