The Top 4 Home Styles for 2016!

Which design suits you best?

From modern to the coastal look, you can transform any home!

Modern Design

This design is perfect for those who prefer less clutter. The main focus of this style is to remain simple but invest in functional and organisational furniture for the room, make sure you are making the most of each piece of furniture, purchasing a sofa with storage compartments, for example. By using warm and natural colours, you can create a comfortable and welcoming feeling in your home. The most popular materials used for a modern style include wood and stone but take note, when choosing your colours try not to mix too many as it can create a busy a noisy feel, keep it simple with warm white and neutrals.

Azalea 4 - Madison facade

Hamptons/Coastal Design

Ever walked into a home and felt like you were on holidays? This style can help achieve that chic getaway feeling in any home! With the colours of driftwood browns, sea blues and neutrals inspired by the sea, you can transform any home into a Hampton’s home.  Stripes! The most essential and popular piece to any coastal styled home, whether it be ocean blue striped cushions, royal blue lamp shades or something as simple as striped napkins on the dining room table, the smallest things can make a big difference. Top off your coastal style with white painted furniture, this will brighten up any room and, to make it fun, add in any quirky nautical accessories to give it that real coastal touch.


Contemporary Design

Contemporary is all about the ‘right now’. This style focuses on subtle sophistication with a sleek and clean texture, using bold colours and crisp lines to create a sense of simple comfort in the home. Try using furniture with simple and clean finishes, remember, less is more in the contemporary style! The trick with this style is to stay away from busy features such as pattern wall paper and decorative carvings on furniture, keep it simple with a basic painted wall and bold smooth coloured furniture, add some pattern coloured cushions to bring in some texture.


Scandinavian Design

You might not recognise the name but this style is very popular! Some refer to Scandinavian as very IKEA like! With wood being the main feature, try decorating with some modern furniture; wooden dining room chairs are very popular with a white frame. The main colours used to create the Scandinavian style consist of off whites, dove grey and tones of nature. These colours give a sense of softness to the home. Opening your house up to light and using whites is also a staple ingredient. And most importantly Scandinavian style is very liveable, so try to introduce some everyday things that you will use basing it around your chosen colour scheme.


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