The Butlers Pantry

Why the Butlers Pantry is becoming a standard in all new home designs

The Butler’s Pantry is becoming a very popular feature to have in every home. Originating from the 19th century when it was a luxury to have a butler’s pantry, these days it is seen as a standard, with a range of New Living Home designs including a spacious butler’s pantry as a standard extending the kitchen storage and space.

But what is a butler’s pantry? It’s a smaller kitchen within a kitchen, where all your food, spices and pantry items are kept and where your food preparation can be done.

Why install a butler’s pantry? Firstly it gives you extra storage space and room! Secondly, you can keep your kitchen clean and hide all the mess from prepping, in the butler’s pantry, especially when entertaining guests.

With plenty of storage space and easy to reach shelving and draws, a butlers pantry is a dream come to true for all kitchen lovers making it easier to organise the kitchen and prepping food.


Photo: Oran Park New Living Homes Display Home

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