Taking Your Kitchen Design to the Next Level

The kitchen is the centre of most homes, whether you’re cooking your family dinner, entertaining friends with drinks and snacks, or enjoying testing a new recipe on your own. The modern kitchen, when well-designed, serves the same function that the hearth or campfire did in ancient times. It is a functional space that is also symbolic of family, community, safety and comfort. Here are some tips for creating a kitchen that will please both your inner gourmet and your inner social butterfly.

Start with the Sink 

The sink is the element that we engage with the most out of the fixtures in our kitchen so it needs to be placed with functionality in mind. It should be positioned where you have almost everything in reach. There should be plenty of space either side of the sink to allow for easy food preparation. Deeper, double sinks are also great for washing big pots and pans easily or preparing food when you’ve got dishes on the go.

A Kitchen Island You Could Live On

Kitchen islands are a great way to cook for friends and family without having to feel cut off from them. The island should face the dining room or living area so you can chat and interact while you prepare – this also makes communal cooking easier.

You should incorporate as many features and as much storage as possible into your island so that you don’t need to keep flitting off to the cupboards. You can even go so far as to include a cooking surface and sink in the island to ensure no interruptions to your social life while you cook!

Choose Durable Surfaces

Whether you choose natural or fabricated materials for your bench tops and kitchen floor, make sure you opt for durability above all else. The kitchen is an area of the home defined by constant use. If it’s not being used for cooking, it’s being used for cleaning or entertaining, family meetings or working. You can’t protect your kitchen from wear and tear, so choose surfaces that can handle the strain!

Choose Invisible Hardware

When you lean up against the counter, you don’t want to feel a handle poking into your side. Talk to your designer about more integrated pulls or touch-to-open cabinetry. This will make it easier, cleaner and more enjoyable to cook while reducing hazards for small children, if you have any.

Conceal Your Storage

If you have spent time and money creating a beautiful kitchen, you don’t really want it to be obscured by a bunch of cooking utensils and crockery. Concealed storage is a wonderful way to create a minimalist environment. Consider a butler’s pantry – this is basically a hidden second kitchen within your kitchen, giving you an ‘onstage’ kitchen for guests and a ‘backstage’ kitchen for the nitty gritty.

Design the Perfect Kitchen for Your Dream Home

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