Metro Range

Urban Range
Urban Range
12.5m to 25m deep lots. 
Double garage designs
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Metro Range
10m to 11.5m wide lots.
Single garage designs
Granny Flat Range
Granny Flats
Suitable for
450 m² blocks

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Poplar 3

Suits wide block

3 2 1 1

Banksia 3

Suits 13m wide block

3 2 1 1

Camelia 2 – 10m Zero

Suits 10m wide block

3 2 1

Maple 4 – 10m Zero

Suits 10m wide block

4 2 1 1

Protea 4.1 – 10m

Suits 10m wide block

4 2 1 1

Banksia 1

Suits 10m wide block

3 1 1

Our Metro Range

To start planning affordable family homes, simply choose the most appropriate block for your new home below. Click on the measurements to view our modern home design options for first home buyers, families, couples and more.

  • Check the total width of your block. Exact measurements can be found on either your Sale Block Plan supplied by the Developer or the Deposited Linen Plan.
  • If you prefer, you can also choose a narrower home design suitable for your land by selecting a narrower measurement than the full block width size.

Metro Home Plans

The Metro range includes excellent choices for modern home designs. You can choose from a wide selection of sizes and styles, and you can also view our display homes for more inspiration or to evaluate your needs.

The homes in the Metro range are stylish and suitable for family homes, urban living and excellent space management.

New Living Homes is here to help you find a home in Sydney region including Western Sydney, South West Sydney, Nowra and Wollongong that’s perfect for you. If you’re first home buyers, we can help you take that big step to home ownership and if you’re building a new home, we’ll provide the advice and guidance you need. Explore the Metro Range, compare designs and then talk to our experts about all your needs.

Talk to Us about Metro Homes

Brand new affordable homes in Sydney region including Western Sydney, South West Sydney, Nowra and Wollongong region just a phone call away. Get in touch on 1300 366 766 or contact us online to discuss your needs. Ask us about building costs, modern home designs and any assistance you require. New Living Homes will provide the right package at a budget friendly price to make your new home a reality.

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