What Is a House and Land Package?

If you’re thinking of building a new home, you have probably heard the phrase ‘house and land package’. Offering a property and land in one deal, house and land packages are often more affordable than alternative building methods. They can be great options for would-be homeowners, but it is still important to understand exactly what a house and land package entitles you to.

Here’s what you need to know about house and land packages to ensure you get the best deal for your new home.

House & Land Packages Explained

When land is sub-lotted and released by the government, it is often purchased by property developers. These developers install infrastructure on the land, such as sewerage lines and water, before offering it up as a house and land package. Generally speaking, there are two types of house and land packages:

  • A newly build home and the land it stands on are offered in a combined deal
  • You choose your block of land and a home design that suits your lifestyle and the block. This is sold as a house and land package and the home of your choice is built for you on that piece of land

How Do You Find a House and Land Package?

House and Land packages are generally found in estates or villages. If you know what area you want to live in, have a look at the estates online and you’ll soon find house and land packages. If you’ve got a home builder in mind, you can also go directly to their website.

What Is the Advantage of House and Land Packages?

Many of the costs involved in house and land packages are fixed, meaning there’s less chance of surprise added costs. This also means you’re buying land that has already had its soil tested and is ready to be built on. Overall, house and land packages generally mean more peace of mind and less hard work, often for a lower price!

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