Hot Garden Trends for 2017-2018

Tired of your garden but not sure what direction to take it in next? Maybe you are creating a garden from scratch but aren’t crystal clear of your dream design? Whatever the case, our rundown of hot garden trends for 2017-2018 will get you inspired to green up your thumbs and get creating.

Light up Your Garden

Lighting can bring a whole new level of beauty to a garden after the sun goes down, especially if you enjoy hosting outdoor parties. Use lighting along the garden steps, on furniture or near the pool to create spectacular arrays of patterns that make the distinctive features of your garden stand out. 

Custom Outdoor Furniture

Australians prefer spending a lot of their time outdoors due to our blistering weather. A home planning design is incomplete without great and comfortable furniture. Rather than store-bought items, custom-built furniture is the latest trend in garden design. There is also a move towards more intricate outdoor furniture – think a dining room in your backyard rather than plastic chairs around a wobbly table.

Backyard Gallery

If you choose to build walls in your garden, ensure that they stand out. Today, outdoor art is gaining undeniable momentum in the form of sculptural panels and dividing walls. You could take a DIY approach or choose a professional service to create artwork on your walls, or combine these ideas and use artwork as walls! The options are only limited by your imagination.

Colourful Garden Pots

Colourful garden pots are an affordable, decorative tool to add a dramatic pop of colour to what might otherwise be monotonous green. This contemporary home trend is a treat for the eyes and a chance to put some of your personality into your garden.

Go Native

Australian native plants aren’t exactly a new trend; instead, they have made a comeback. Using these plants can be cost-effective since they require minimal maintenance and local nurseries stock a huge range for low prices.

Sustainable Gardening

From transportation to construction, sustainable approaches to daily tasks are becoming more and more mainstream. It isn’t surprising to see this important trend in gardening, as well, with veggie patches and composts springing up across Sydney. Combining design and sustainability can be challenging, but 2017 will definitely see more environmental practices incorporated into garden design than ever before.

Low on Space? Go Vertical

When you have limited space, vertical gardens prove to be the most effective way of introducing greenery into your apartments or units. This trend isn’t just for apartment dwellers; it’s simply a great way to get even more out of your backyard.

Designing Your New Home and Garden

When incorporating these amazing trends into your new garden, you want expert home planners on your team. The professionals at New Living Homes have a range of customisable, urban home designs in Australia. Contact us today on 1300 366 766 or pop into a display home for inspiration!

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