Home Décor – Mixing the Old with the New

When you build a new home, it can be tempting to buy all new furniture in a bid to make everything look and feel as new as possible. While this can be nice, if you want to create a classic, stylish look, it pays to add a dash of vintage into your new home décor. This will ensure your home looks beautifully new, but also elegantly styled. Here’s how you can get the perfect balance of old and new in your home décor.

Go Hunting for Eclectic, Old Furniture and Decor

Country markets, vintage stores and garage sales are all great places to find some rustic pieces to contrast with your beautifully sleek home. Give your home that edge with a splash of vintage color on the wall, hallway table or mantle.


It’s getting easier to up cycle a piece of furniture. With many online tutorials showing you how and paints that require minimal to no sanding, anyone can turn an old, stale looking piece of furniture into a vintage collectable. Try this with something small like bedside tables or hallway tables. Change the knobs and add some paint to keep that vintage feel.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shop from All Eras

If you only shop at furniture stores, you’ll end up with a house that looks like a furniture store. Antiques and collectables are a great way to incorporate that vintage, classy and stylish look and they don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Just because you own one antique, it doesn’t mean all your furniture needs to be antique. Mix and match to create a collector’s vibe in your new home.

Make a Statement

It doesn’t just have to be small pieces that make up the vintage feel of your home. Why not try some oversized lighting or an antique dining table? You’ll be surprised how well it mixes with the crisp finish of your freshly built home.

Have Fun with It

When it comes to picking out your furniture, try not to over think the experience. Over thinking tends to lead to safer decisions, and before you know it, your home will look more like a carefully laid out display rather than a beautiful homely space. Take a risk and add a splash of color! You’ll be sure to end up with décor that is unique and envied by others.

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