Choosing the Right Location for Building Your New Home

Even the most beautiful new home can be ruined by a terrible location. To thoroughly enjoy buying your first home in Sydney, it’s essential to rigorously investigate the location. It can feel overwhelming with so much at stake, but with these helpful guidelines, and a clear idea of what you want, you can easily find the perfect pocket of land for building your new home.

Know The Budget

Be sure to take a long, honest look at your budget so you don’t waste time looking at suburbs you simply can’t afford. Crossing dream suburbs off the list can be a slightly painful process, but that isn’t as painful as realising you can’t pay off your land! Talk to a mortgage broker or your bank to find out exactly what you can afford in the long run before you start looking.

Once your budget is concrete, contact a local real estate agent to gain vital insight into a suburb’s market pricing. If the areas you wanted are too expensive, ask about blocks in neighbouring suburbs. You can also consider scaling down your plans and purchasing a smaller block if your desired suburbs are crucial to you.

Is the Location Convenient?

Sometimes, a low price tag on a great piece of land can be blinding. We can fail to notice that there isn’t a decent shop for 10 kilometres, the local school is falling apart or work is a two-hour drive away.

Be vigilant about these factors because you could regret building a new home in an inconvenient location, regardless of the amazing price. Make sure your workplace is easily accessible. If you have children, make sure your chosen location is nearby to quality schools.

Check out the local facilities, too. Is there a shopping centre, library, sporting club, hospital and places to eat? Transport is also very important, both for your quality of life and because it impacts the value of your home. Ideally, you want nearby public transport and easy access to a city-bound freeway.

Does It Suit Your Lifestyle?

This consideration will vary for every Sydney local so ask yourself what you and your family need to be happy. This could be a nice view, a quiet neighbourhood, or proximity to the beach or the city. Think about the things that you like to do and what you’ll make the most use of.

If you like to go shopping and eat out, don’t buy a block that is out of town; rather, look for something closer to the action. Similarly, if you want to be able to have a garden and enjoy nature, don’t buy in built-up, compacted areas.

Is the Area Safe?

There can often be an ugly truth lurking behind low land or house prices – an unsafe area. Unfortunately, some suburbs have much higher crime rates than others and this can make them unpleasant places to live. You can visit potential suburbs and go where the locals go, inspecting cafés, parks, shops and so on. If you run into locals while looking, strike up a conversation about the area. Australians are generally happy to speak honestly about the pros and cons of their suburb.

There are also other safety concerns, such as the risk of bushfire, flooding and soil movement, to name a few. Google is your handy assistant; you can usually find out the crime rate, demographics and climate by doing a simple online search. For affordable house and land packages in New South Wales without the fine print, consider planning a new home build with reputable designers.

Happy Hunting

With these guidelines in mind, searching for your new block can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just remember, there is no such thing as a perfect piece of land. New Living Homes have the expertise to help you build the perfect contemporary home in Australia, working hard to combat any pre-existing land complications.

Contact us on 1300 366 766 for more information or stop into one of our display homes to see the options available to you in any location.

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