Building with New Living – Rebecca & Steve

Rebecca & Steve’s life changing experience building a New Living Home..

Rebecca and Steve were excited to make the next step in their life and build a house to call their home, after doing their research and comparing home builders, they couldn’t go passed New Living Homes offering them a home with great value and within their budget, perfect for their growing family.

Building a new home can be seen as stressful especially for first home builders not knowing what to expect. For Rebecca and Steve exceptional customer service and communication was crucial and New Living Homes delivered, making the building process simple.

‘’From the very beginning, our experience with New Living Homes has been nothing but amazing. From our very first meeting at Spring Farm, to the accounts team, to the pre-construction team, and our Construction Manager on site, nothing was ever an issue, or a question too stupid’’.

‘’What really won us over with New Living Homes, was our Site Manager. He would without a doubt ring us every Friday with an update for the week – regardless if anything changed or not. This to me is amazing Customer Service, and so reassuring, especially for a first time home builder and not knowing what to expect. Coming from a Customer Service background, I was honestly blown away. Because of this, I would build with New Living in a heartbeat, and I recommend them to anyone I talk to.’’

For Rebecca and Steve building a home of their own has changed their life, ‘’It is the beginning of our life, going from a family of 2 to now a family of 3 & our recently rescued fur baby, being able to do this in our very own home is a wonderful feeling. First and foremost we love coming home to our family, but knowing we are coming home into something we own, helped create, is something very special, and so very grateful for.’’

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