7 Ways To Add Personality To Your Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. Add Colour

The basic rule of using colour is the ratio 60:30:10. Which means 60% of a dominant colour, 30% of a secondary colour & 10% of an accent colour. But of course it’s your home so it’s totally up to you! You can add personality by adding coloured cushions, rugs, vases, artwork.. the list is endless. Choose different textures and patterns to create interest and character.

2. Share your Travels

Why keep your travel memories hidden away in the cupboard. Put them out on display for your friends and family to see. And I’m not talking about the tacky souvenirs that you come back with and think why did I buy this!? I mean the beautiful artwork, sculptures & artefacts as these pieces can create an eclectic style and become a talking point amongst visitors.

3. Wallpaper

Your New Living home will have the perfect neutral palette which you can add your personal style to. Adding wallpaper is a fantastic way to add colour, pattern and texture to your walls – eg the popular Seagrass wallpaper as seen on The Block.

4. Indoor Plants

They can make a massive difference in the overall look and feel of your home by bringing life into any room. Try large potted plants in entrances or blank corner spaces, small potted plants on side tables or benches and a current trend right now is hanging pots. Make sure you choose plants suitable for indoors. Flowers instantly brighten up a room, unfortunately, they don’t last long. Silk or ‘real touch’ flowers are a great alternative, you can find them online for a lot cheaper than at a homewares store.

Indoor Plants

5. Unique Furniture

Scouring the second hand/junkyard shops can be the best and cheapest way to find unique, antique or vintage furniture. You can keep your existing furniture and just add feature pieces. Re-purposing old furniture by sanding, painting or reupholstering is a great way to add a personal touch to your new home.

6. Create a Photo Wall

Choose your favourite photos of people and/or places and have them printed to the size of your chosen frames. It’s a great alternative to art and the perfect weekend DIY project. Printing black & white photos and hanging them in black or white frames can look very effective.

Photo Wall

7. Lighting

Make a statement with lighting by installing pendant lights over your kitchen bench, dining table, hallways etc. Table and floor lamps are not only practical but can also be a style feature for your bedrooms and living rooms.

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