7 Creative and Fun DIY Projects for your Home

There is no better way to inject some personality into your home than by putting your hands to work building craft projects. Everyone can make art and it is a great to learn and practice new skills in collaboration with friends and family. In this article we will discuss 7 simple DIY projects for your home.

Feature Wall

A feature wall is a stylish addition to an otherwise neutral space. Pick a wall, and paint it an entirely different colour or use a bold wallpaper. In some instances a large, wall-sized image or photograph can be used. It creates a bold impression, and can be exceptionally useful at creating a defined space within an open plan arrangement.

Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds allow you to grow vegetables and ornamental plants without direct interaction with ground soil. There are countless different designs and variations, but the unifying principle is the same. Create a raised soil level by building up from ground level. They can be built onto soil or in containers to sit on top of tiles and pavers.

Tyre Swing

If you are lucky enough to have a big tree or raised secure anchor point in your back or front yard you could certainly consider installing a tyre swing to keep you or your children entertained. Use strong chains or climbing ropes to suspend a tyre, vertically or horizontally, and swing. If you are using a tree, consider having it inspected by an arborist to make sure it will be strong enough.

Compost Bin

With all of the hype about recycling in today’s day and age, it is worth remembering the simplest kind of recycling is compost. Everything we eat and grow comes from the soil, but if it goes into landfill, those nutrients are not being efficiently returned to the soil. What’s worse, rotting food scraps in landfill can produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. A compost bin is a receptacle for organic matter, so that it can break down naturally and become fertiliser for your garden.

Vertical Garden

With the ever increasing concentration of urban dwellings, sometimes we don’t have enough ground space to grow all of the plants and food we would like to. A vertical garden is a space saving solution to this problem, allowing you to grow food and ornamental plants up a wall. It is great for a north facing location with plenty of sunlight and makes for an entertaining external feature wall too.

Fluid Acrylic Coffee Table

A lot of modern furniture is mass produced and lacks the individuality of generations past. The simple, fun and easy way to change this up is to own your furniture and make it a one of a kind with a splash of art. Fluid acrylic painting is one technique which is amazingly simple to learn and execute on flat surfaces like tables with jaw-dropping results.

Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is a great project for kids and playful adults alike. Fill a small container with potting mix and then populate it with small plants from your local nursery. Use figurines and other miniatures to build your fairy garden and you could even build a small fairy house, let your imagination guide you.

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